RADIO S&SR Transmission N°1222 – 06.09.2021 (TOP Of The WEEK KLACK "Deklacked Vol.1")

18 septembre 2021 - 688 vues
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SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES†(Radio Transmission)
Playlist N° 1222... - Lundi 06 Septembre 2021 - Horaire : 20:00 >> 22:00
[ S&SR Double Selection de la semaine...
Klack "Deklacked Vol.1' ( ]
< Artiste - Titre - Version - Format - Production - Label >
01. KLACK "Faith In Me (Null Device Mix)" DIG LP: Deklacked Vol.1 (Autoproduction)
02. Nattskiftet "Adrenalin" CD: Stämplar In (Progress Productions)
03.KALT "Lead" DIG EP: Nomenklatur 01 (Autoproduction)
04. Psychosomatik official "Damage Done (NOVAKILL Remix)" DIG EP: Damage Done Remixed EP (Autoproduction)
05. Thee Hyphen "Plea Of Grief" CD: "Incidental Tools Of Confusion (BOREDOMproduct)
06. BOYS NOIZE feat. JAKE SHEARS "All I Want (Extended Mix)" VINYL EP: All I Want (Defected)
07. Yan Wagner "Brexit (FRANZ SCALA Italian Dance Version)" DIG EP: Conversions (Yotanka)
08. Suffer K. "Stars And Dust"†DIG EP: Stars And Dust (Autoproduction)
09. NOVA-SPES "Feel Like Yesterday" DIG LP: 2020 (ScentAir Records)
10. SNOWBEASTS AND SOLYPSIS "Swan Song" DIG LP: Snowbeasts & Solypsis (Component Recordings)
11. KLACK "Rhythm of the System (Damascus Knives Cut)" DIG LP: Deklacked Vol.1 (Autoproduction)
12. Mildreda"Inner Judgement" CD: I Was Never Really There ( Dependent Records)
13. GEN-ZX "Your Only One" CD: Darkness Of The Day Infacted Recordings)
14. PERTURBATOR "Lustful Sacramentsl" DIG LP: Lustful Sacraments (Blood Music)
15. Deemphasis "A World Of Silence" DIG EP: A World Of Silence (UKONX Recordings)
16. DISTORTION SIX "Gaushe (Gaahl)" DIG LP: Skade (ant-zen)
17. METAL DISCO "EkiÈÁ" DIG EP: Kauia EÁouvia (Werkstatt Recordings)
18. Morgan King "Beautiful Miserable" DIG SINGLE: Beautiful Miserable (Accidental Music)
19. Shiny Darkness "From Above" DIG EP: Attractive (Autoproduction)
20. Scenius "Escalation" DIG V/A: Generation Blitz (State Of Bass)
21. Knight$ "Boom Bang Boom! (Extended Mix)" DIG EP: Boom Bang Boom! (Speccio Uomo)
PROMO THANKS TO : KLACK (Matt Fanale & Eric Oehler), KALT (Bodyhammer Kalt & Arthur Kalt), PSYCHOSOMATIK (Michael Roussel) BOREDOMproduct (Member U 0176), YOTANKA RECORDS (Vivien), SUFFER K (JC Sufferkate), SCENTAIR RECORDS (Vladimir Romanov), DEPENDENT RECORDS (Stefan Herwig), SPKR MEDIA (Gunnar Sauermann), INFACTED RECORDINGS (Torben Schmidt), BLOOD MUSIC, HIM MEDIA (Charles Provost), UKONX RECORDINGS (StÈphane), ANT-ZEN (Stefan Alt), WERKSTATT RECORDINGS (Toxic Razor), MORGAN KING, SHINY DARKESS (SÈbastien DÈruwez), SCENIUS (Steve Whitfield & Fab Nau), KNIGHT$ (James Knigths) ...


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