RADIO S&SR Transmission n°1210 – 08.03.2021 ( TOP OF THE WEEK FATIMA YAMAHA "Spontaneous Order" )

16 mars 2021 - 303 vues
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SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES†(Radio Transmission)
Playlist N∞ 1210... GALAXIE RADIO 95.3FM
Lundi 08 Mars 2021 - Horaire : 20:00 >> 22:00
[ S&SR Selection de la semaine...
FATIMA YAMAHA "Spontaneous Order" (Magnetron Music) ]
< Artiste - Titre - Version - Format - Production - Label >
01. FATIMA YAMAHA "Unwashed" DIG LP: Spontaneous Order (Magnetron Music)
02. PYRROLINE "What Might Have Been" DIG LP: Struggling (Electro Aggression Records)
03. CPX "My Sound" DIG EP: Moog On The Moon (Arcade Pony Records)
04. PETE CRANE "Tear You Apart" DIG EP: XV (Infacted Recordings)
05. AUDIO WAR "Warhead" DIG EP: Warhead (Autoproduction)
06. THE PRODIGY "Voodoo People" CD: Their Law - The Singles 1990-2005 (XL Recordings)
07. AUDIO WAR "Take Control" DIG EP: Warhead (Autoproduction)
08. K-NITRATE "Human Mask" DIG LP: Kiloton Endgame (Autoproduction)
09. LEGOWELT "Disco Rout (Original)" DCD V/A: Solid Sounds Anno 2003 Volume 01 (541 / N.E.W.S.)
10. SHINY DARKNESS "X-ray" DIG SINGLE: X-RAY (Autoproduction)
11. SCARLET SOHO "What You Need" DCD: Programmed To Perfection - Best Of & Rareties (Scentair)
12. SOLAR FAKE "This pretty life" DCD: Enjoy Dystopia (Out Of Line)
13. FATIMA YAMAHA "We Are Drops" DIG LP: Spontaneous Order (Magnetron Music)
14. GLOK "Cloud Cover (Andrew Weatherall Remix)" DIG EP: Citadel EP (Bytes)
15. MARTIN GORE "Howler" DIG EP: The Third Chimpanzee EP (Mute)
16. SIGNAL~BRUIT "Nuit Blanche" VINYL LP: HyperborÈe (productionB)
17. MENTALLO & THE FIXER "Sacrilege" DIG V/A: Matrix Downloaded 010 (Alfa Matrix)
18. SPK "Metal Dance (7" Version)" VINYL 7": Metal Dance (Desire Records)
19. SOFT KILL "Whirl" VINYL LP: Choke (Profound Lore Records)
20. GUSGUS with V÷K "Higher" DIG SINGLE: Higher (Oroom)
21. THE MAXX "Cocaine (Acid Mix)" VINYL EP: (The Biggest Illegal Export) Cocaine (BCM Records)
22. BOY HARSHER "Pain (Edit)" VINYL EP: Pain II (Nude Club Records)
23. ANTIPOLE "Memorial Waves (feat. Paris Alexander & Eirene) [Vogue.Noir Remix] DIG LP: Perspectives II(Autoproduction)
24. ALIEN SKIN "She Looks a Lot Like Martin Gore from 1984" CD: New Romance: 1984 (ScentAir Records)
PROMO THANKS TO : MAGNETRON MUSIC (Rick Bakker), ELECTRO AGGRESSION RECORDS (Nader Moumneh), HOTTWERK MEDIA PR. (Tony Pontius), CPX CAPOCROCE (Danilo), INFACTED RECORDINGS (Torben Schmidt), AUDIO WAR / K-NITRATE (Christian Weber & Graham Rayner), SHINY DARKNESS (Sébastien Deruwez), SCARLET SOHO (James Knights), SCENTAIR RECORDS (Vladimir Romanov), OUT OF LINE (Iris), RANSOM NOTE RECORDS (Aiden D'Araujo), productionB (Member U 0176), ANTIPOLE (Karl Morten Dahl) ...


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